my pet peeve is when someone ignores you

like if we have a problem then let’s fucking address it


If you haven’t ate today, you should eat bc I love you.

If you felt like shit today, I hope you know that you’re a great fucking person and ily.

If people make fun of you today, let’s shit on their lawn bc they’re cunts.

If you feel like hurting yourself tonight, don’t. Just don’t.

I love you and you don’t deserve to be upset or have bad thoughts. Take care of yourself, love.

All Time Low - All The Small Things (Cover)
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"When did you decide to be gay?"

Last week. I woke up and I was like I want to be judged and not accepted by most of society and denied basic human rights. I thought it would be fun to not be allowed to get married and to be called rude names when I’m with the person I love. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

Please stop and read this.

I’m doing a project on gay rights in today’s society.

So if you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, please reblog this.

This would be a lot of help, thank you.


Artfully explained





there are nice americans

there are rude americans

there are nice brits

there are rude brits

there are nice canadians

there’s justin bieber

Every year on Canadian Thanksgiving, we perform a ritual to purge ourselves of our rudeness, Bieber absorbs it all. He was never meant to escape, we are sorry.

He was never meant to escape.

…I’ve only seen this legendary post in screenshots





Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything