Marianas Trench 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…but for some reason I haven’t. So uhm, Here we go!

Day One: Favorite Member of Marianas Trench

This is such a hard question. Because seriously, I love all of them for different reasons. Josh because of his sarcasm, beautiful lyrics, and wonderful wit. Matt because of his awkwardness, the funny faces he makes right after he finishes singing(he does it!), the way he interacts with his fans, and his adorable chipmunk voices after “Behind The Scenes” videos. Ian because of his all around adorableness, his sillyness, and how chill he is around people. Mike because of…well Mike is just darn awesome! He’s the one I talked to the most at the concert, like legitimately talked to him for about an hour after the concert after Josh, Matt, and Ian had all left. He was so nice, and talkative. He gives the bestestestest hugs. I got like…four. xD And he was so chill around me & the other two girls who chatted with him! it was wonderful.

all in all. I can’t choose a favorite member. I love every single one for each and every single one of their qualities.

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